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   Dr. Thomas Crowder   2023-10-09 11:31:34   

I purchased 5 beautiful masks from a shop in Sausalito 1in 1992. Two single face Two dbl face One triple face masks. I absolutely love them. I was wondering were or what has come of the shop, and we’re I might locate more. Thanks for your skills and the joy you’ve brought into my house. Thom Crowder
   Joelle Dowe   2023-07-10 05:38:10   

I love your work! I’m a new fan from Austin, TX. I found you through Tik Tok when one of your beautiful abstracts was hanging above her bed. Sarah Horton is her name.
   Owen Wilkerson   2022-01-13 10:35:53   

Are you the artist that created the leather sculptures from 1997. Item 608.09C
   Ron Caldwell   2021-08-16 21:01:12   

nice work
   Victor-Mario Zaballa   2021-04-14 22:56:28   

Your sense of light , color and composition are extraordinary! After looking at your paintings, I feel so inspire to be outside in nature. I can wait to see your artwork in person. Please keep me in your mailing list Victor-Mario
   Tracy Ferm   2021-01-26 17:17:08   

I live in MV and was taking a long walk with a close friend today in the Sausalito hills and saw a gentleman losing a car with 2 beautiful paintings. I asked him about the pieces and he gave me your name to look up. Your work is beautiful! Do you ever teach classes? Light a fire and enjoy this rain! warmly, Tracy. 415-279-3376
   Pamela Keith   2019-10-14 07:02:49   

Love your work! Please put me on your mailing list. Thank you, Pamela
   KAREN ELLIS   2019-04-11 07:58:29   

Hi Dominique, I bought a variety of your paintings probably about 10 years ago. Sadly, I lost all of them in the Tubbs fire. My home burned down. Where are you located now? Thank you, Karen Ellis 707-217-4532
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   Jim   2019-03-20 12:50:25   

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   chode   2016-07-02 19:52:58   

great work
   Sean   2016-05-27 03:32:24   

Love it!
   Gay Toubah   2015-12-14 22:52:54   

love your beautiful paintings! so passionate, so powerful!
   Patrick Scott   2015-08-08 06:21:38   

Please keep me updated
   Daniel Mulcahy   2015-05-14 08:36:16   

Please add me to your email list
   Jim Frey   2015-03-10 10:25:19   

Your music is wonderful
   Vivien Sin   2014-10-07 22:07:49   

Love your work - particularly your use of colour. Looking forward to seeing them in person!
   Stephen Kladder   2013-05-29 07:31:50   

I really like your work. I saw it recently at the Designer Showcase House in Woodside, CA through the Studio Shop. I am an artist as well and find your work inspiring: color, motion, energy, layers of subtle images. The art I saw exhibited had subtleties of what I would call "Matisse like profiles". Loved it. Thanks for your work. Stephen
   Mike Powell   2012-12-30 09:36:46   

Incredible number of beautiful paintings, love them all. We need to get you and Don back to the ranch in Nevada for some painting with Tana, the light here is beautiful. Although you would be painting in B&W today, as we are covered with a blanket of snow, Warmest, Mike
   halwilner   2012-12-02 15:58:12   

Just visited you on 12/2 and really liked Kites to Arcadia. Please keep us posted on your shows, new works, etc and thanks for the offer of Basque Hot Chocolate
   Tina Giangiacomo   2012-10-22 10:05:46   

Dear Dominique Wonderful to see you on Saturday. Please email me when you have another show in San Francisco. Warmest Tina
   Cheree Caron   2012-05-25 09:06:22   

Dominique, I have just discovered you by accident and can't wait to see your paintings in person. Where and when can I do that? I live in Sacramento so anyplace around this area would be wonderful. I love your painting they are so very beautiful and make me fell peaceful and serene! Cheree
   LOUBET Jean-Pierre   2012-02-12 06:42:08   

Bonjour Dominique Ton tableau offert au village d'Arancou est maintenant accroché à l'emplacement que tu as choisi dans le gîte "Bourthaïre" et fait l'admiration de tous ceux qui séjournent dans ce lieu. Au plaisir de te retrouver cet été. Jean-Pierre
   Micheline Meneau   2011-04-11 00:36:01   

We loved your new paintings exposed at the Alliance Francaise de San Francisco. What a treat to hear the stories behind the paintings and to get to watch them again and again colorful reflect of your beautiful self... We enjoy the ones we have at home everyday and love to see your new ways and paths of expressing what you feel and communicate so beautifully. Thank you!!!
   sylvie of france   2011-01-27 05:55:25   

   john kuzich   2011-01-21 15:43:54   

Bought a couple of your lucious small watercolors years ago. Looking forward to your next showing of work. Let me know when you have works to view. - JK
   Sarah Bent   2010-12-23 19:04:54   

Hi Dominique, Don gave your website address to Ritchie and he passed it to me - I've absolutely loved looking at your beautiful work! Your paintings are amazing and an inspiration to me to try something new and different! Hope we can perhaps meet up one day and talk art! Best wishes and Merry Christmas, Sarah
   Lara Gita   2010-12-16 11:45:26   

Hello Dominique, I take your beautiful painting from room to room with me. It makes me so happy to look at. Hope you are well. Do you have an open studio or? Sometime around now? Please keep on your mailing list. Thank you Lara
   Nicolas from france   2010-11-14 02:40:33   

Coucou, je découvre tes oeuvres. J'aime beaucoup les new works, bravo ! On s'appelle quand tu veux. Bises Nicolas
   Candace Loheed   2010-10-08 16:05:23   

I like your new work Dominique! You're amazing!I dont know how you find the time to be so prolific and fabulous! a bientot