Water Works
Water Works
Mixed Media | 48″ x 60″





“Uncharted”:  an exploration of mental maps and constant vanishing lines that guide the artist toward the final result of an abstract landscape.  A chart is a law yet also a map. "Uncharted" is the blank canvas, the next move, the next thought... 
 After a few large strokes I start build up the paint, the textures. Soon outlines begin to appear.  Color, intense or suffused, gives sense to the space, bringing out ridges, opening valleys.
 I have spent much time looking at horizons or perched above rivers. Flying with my eyes, I follow contours of hills over clusters of trees to distant blue mountains. Perspective is infinite and the paths are many.  I hope to open them for you.

“Uncharted”  From a new series,

Abstracts /calligraphy /abstracts landscapes /SOLD